Infrared Diagnostics (Thermal Imaging)

What is Infrared Thermography?
Infrared Thermography is advanced technology designed to expose what is actually happening within the walls and ceiling of a home. Similar to an MRI, a non-invasive tool that allows a doctor to detect unseen health issues in your body, infrared imaging exposes potential problems inside a structure.

How Can It Provide a More Thorough Inspection?
Our trained technicians use special infrared imaging cameras to detect and measure thermal energy emitted from the structure of the home. This powerful infrared home inspection tool can help us monitor and diagnose potential problems not visible to the human eye.

It can detect moisture within the walls, which can lead to mold growth; electrical problems, which can lead to failures and even fires; thermal loss, which can indicate damaged or missing insulation that results in higher energy costs; and even rodent or pest problems.

Better technology = a better home inspection.

How Does an Infrared Home Inspection Work?
The light emitted by the long wavelength of thermal – or infrared – energy is not visible to the human eye. It is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as heat. Everything with a temperature above absolute zero emits heat. Even very cold objects, like ice cubes, emit infrared energy. The higher the object’s temperature, the greater the infrared radiation emitted.

This technology allows us to see what our eyes cannot. Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities.

Why We Invest in Infrared Thermal Technology
We invest in this state-of-the-art technology because it offers significant advantages over a traditional visual-only inspection. It allows us to empower our team of specialists to deliver next-level home inspections for our clients. We pride ourselves on giving you the most thorough information possible before you make an important homebuying decision.

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