We are experienced project managers and builders with extensive building science training, and that’s how we approach everything. Our primary business model is to represent our clients interests in producing a safe, cost effective and quality project through effective communication, training and inspections.  We are not in the LEED, Green, or Energy Star/Code business as a primary, those things are secondary by-products of a sound construction quality and assessment base.

Our take on green is this; Green is building it correctly the first time with appropriate materials and means.  Green is low variance, low negative cost adjustments (warranty) and maintenance costs.  Green is properly designed HVAC operating with lower operating costs and occupant comfort.

We promote a no-nonsense and cost-effective strategy to achieve quality projects.  Participation in the various programs for marketing (consumer recognition) is highly encouraged but not necessary. Building with established strategy and follow up still results in a great building with low bills and warranty you can advertise. Energy Star, LEED, and/or similar programs are great and give sound advise but without sufficient hand-on experience guiding these processes they are simply just reactionary checklists. We have some clients who choose not to join any programs and  simply advertise actual utility bills which is a great example of how the best marketing is usually the simplest.  The warranty dollars saved go back into buyer and/or employee incentives.

How we do business is simple – we make it uncomplicated.  You’re in the business of building and that is where you need to stay focused. We will convey everything to you and your staff in basic language. We’ll handle all the necessary paperwork and compliance details including all rebate programs.

  • Code compliance is the first and only criteria with legal ramifications and must be dealt with accurately and thoroughly.  Once we get you through permit, we can look at other program strategies.
  • Process implementation.  We give you a procedural outline detailing who and when to call for the various inspections and resulting paperwork.  We also encourage one-on-one with your superintendents and subs to demonstrate what is expected and the ease of it in production. Training is our core.
  • Documentation.  We will assemble and submit all necessary paperwork to the local municipality and appropriate programs that you choose to participate in.

We speak candidly and with conviction.  Our job is not to tell you what you want to hear, but rather give unbiased sound advise with constructive solutions.

~William S. “Stan” Folsom – Executive Director/Founder